September 25, 2011

Nusa Dua Underwater Clean up 2011

On 24 September 2011 we have successfully conducted a series of undewater clean up day at the Tanjung Benoa (Nusa Dua) area of Bali. There were 6 divers joining the dives. Tanjung Benoa area is tourist busiest area for water sport activities. Hundreds or more beginner divers dive in this area every day. That a lot of marine debris at the beach and underwater.

The reason why we choose the Tanjung Benoa (Nusa Dua) area, we have been constantly monitoring the area for debris, coral health and coverage, and trying to locate sharks presents. This was our second Project Aware underwater cleanup since last year.

We conducted underwater clean up dive at Karang Jahe – one of the most popular dive site in this area. At this point we found plastics, fishing nets, drinking bottles, food wraps and much more at underwater environment. On some items the coral growing, some fishes lives in side like on tires, bottles and some cables, but these material now has become a new home for some creatures. So we did not pick up any debris, hence we did some data recording on the debris that were not picked-up.

Event Organizer: Made Suwena (PADI Master Instructor)

Here are some picture what we got underwater:


Inner tube tire


Glass bottle

Food wrap


September 16, 2011


If you’re like the Dive Guru, you’re passionate about your diving. In fact, you can’t keep it to yourself – you simply have to share.
The Dive Guru
Rather than annoying everyone at the dinner party by talking about reefs, wrecks, whale sharks and that time you danced the Macarena on the table at Total Submersion (you probably shouldn’t tell the Total Sub story at all. It’s embarrassing. Really.).
Show them – don’t just tell them – Go PRO.
Need more convincing? Here are 16 reasons the Guru thinks you should Go PRO:
  1. Looking for additional income? Being a PADI Pro is the perfect part time job. You can pick up extra work on the weekends or supplement your income throughout the week.
  2. Looking for more work? You can teach diving full time as a PADI Pro. As a bonus, your credential will be among the most recognized in the dive world, which means you have a lot of beautiful work locations to choose from.
  3. Manufacture Your Own Dive Buddies. If you don’t have enough people to dive with – and really, who has enough? – being a dive instructor means you get to make your own. Who wouldn’t want to dive with their instructor?
  4. Be the Guru – Becoming a PADI Professional means, quite often, that you’re the most knowledgeable and experienced diver in the crowd. Now, Guru status comes with experience so no shortcuts please, but you’ll likely notice that people turn to you for answers when it comes to diving.
  5. Free Boat Rides/Diving – Well, not free, really. You do pay for it, but your form of payment is usually teaching and/or working as a divemaster. But, it always seemed like a fair trade to me.
  6. Equipment Deals – Some manufacturers provide incentives to dive centers to help outfit dive pros in the latest and greatest equipment. It’s in the best interest of the store and equipment manufacturers to have you, a great role model, looking sharp in the latest cool gear.
  7. It’s What’s Next – For the overachievers amongst us (me, for example), going pro is simply the next step. It’s simply what you do after you have your diver level certifications.
  8. It’s Time to Give Back – Remember that divemaster who took the time to make sure mask clearing didn’t give you hives? What about the instructor that gave you a smile and encouraged you on perfecting your buoyancy? Now, you have the chance to give back by sharing those lessons with others and helping them out.
  9. More, *ahem*, “Success” with the Ladies/Gentlemen – Just in case you’ve always wanted the perks that came from being a rock star but don’t think you’ll be getting that call from Lady Gaga any time soon.
  10. Time in the Water – Duh. As a dive professional, you get to dive more. Seems simple but you’d be surprised how many people miss this one.
  11. Get your Vitamin D Fix – It’s essential for healthy living and sunlight is one of the best ways to get it. Skin cancer is not all about healthy living, so don’t forget the sunscreen.
  12. Be the Most Interesting Person at the Dinner Party – Who would you seriously rather talk to? The actuary or the guy who teaches people how to blow bubbles underwater? Special note – the guru doesn’t know any actuaries and is sure that – as a group – they’re nice people and certainly have to go through a lot of training and a rigorous exam process. They just seem like easy targets.
  13. Tax Write-off – When diving is your business, there’s a good probability that you can turn your passion into a tax break. Please consult a tax professional in your area, however. I’m a Dive Guru, not a tax guru and can’t be responsible for any specific advice.
  14. Make Your Dream Dive Destination the House Reef – So you’ve always dreamed of diving Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall? Work as a diver on Little Cayman and it’s your local dive site.
  15. Realize Your Dream Dive Destination – Where do you want to go? As a dive pro, organize a group trip there and take advantage of the group leader benefits – often a free trip. Yes, you have to work, but isn’t that a small price to pay when it comes time to tick that item off your bucket list?
  16. Fill in the blank ____________ – What’s your reason? Tell me in the comments below.