December 14, 2010

Temple Wall - Pemuteran

This small wall which is close to shore which some times makes for poor visibility, but ist an interesting dive with a good selection of crustaceans. Coral cover and sponges proliferate along the far end where the wall sharply curves into the Bay beyond. The wall bottom ranges from 16 to 35mtrs and crosses into the deep where a fascinating maze configuration heads out across the next bay. This second deep dive offers some large Gorgonians and a spooky dive experience. A very good night dive location but can be tricky if the tides are running. Good snorkelling location.

Just lately at this dive spot - a temple itself became reality. At 30 meters of depth you are diving through a temple door which is looked after the common god statues at the sides. You will first reach the smaller temple where you are eye to eye with the elephant-god. This temple wall is looked after on both sides by turtles out of stone. Right after that you can finally surround the big Buddha at the wall at the back.

The whole area is grown over by beautiful gorgonians. At the right light it almost got a mystic atmosphere around it. Marine Life: usual, Snapper, Sweet lips, blue spotted Rays, Painted Lobsters, Squat Lobsters and Fusiliers. Unusual stuff: Frogfish, Pipefish, interesting Nude branches, Scorpion fish, Stone fish, Electric clams, octopus. Occasional stuff: cuttlefish, rays.

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