December 02, 2012

Undewater Statues, A New Attraction in Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua has a new attraction for tourists who want to snorkel or dive, with the addition of Balinese statues beneath the waves. This activity is part of a project to establish an underwater cultural park which is expected to be completed next year.
In recent months, the statues have been gradually installed at a depth of 11 meters, about 500 meters from the beach Samuh, Nusa Dua. Earlier this week, 28 more sculptures are installed in the same area with eight divers by boat navigation.
The statue, installed a statue of Balinese Kecak dancers including performances (traditional dance), and Rama and Sita, a character from the epic Ramayana. There will be 37 Kecak dancers, with each structure depicting two dancers. Pariama Hutasoit, director of Nusa Dua Reef Foundation, who initiated the project, said the underwater cultural park will consist of a total of 74 structures that form a single unit. This project spent Rp 650 million (U.S. $ 67,620) a berasar from donations donors.
The sculptures are made from a substance that allows the transplanted corals growing on the statue. The sculptures will serve as an underwater reef, a submerged man-made construction to serve as a platform, similar to a biological surface mounted transplanted corals. Besides coral transplantation, there will be a new coral growing on it,
For years, coral reefs in Nusa Dua has been threatened by coastal development is great, as well as destructive fishing and human activities. Hundreds of pieces of rock have been moved to the Nusa Dua area since 2009, partly the result of a breeding program in the island attack and other parts of the reef that naturally disconnected and taken from the area surrounding the submarine.
After a series of coral transplantation program, there has been good progress in restoring the reef, as shown by the new growth on artificial reef structures placed under water two years ago. Establishment of underwater cultural park is expected to restore the area and is expected to become an icon of the pro-environmental tourism, water serves to promote the image of Nusa Dua.
Two-acre park was built as part of 1,600 acres designated a marine conservation area in Nusa Dua. Featuring Balinese dancers and characters from Balinese mythology, the park is a local realization of the concept called nyegara-mountain (mountains and sea concept), Tri Hita Karana (Balinese concept of environmental sustainability) and Kertih Sad (six actions to achieve happiness and prosperity), combined with marine conservation.
May the new reef can grow well and stay awake sustainability.

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